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Etrigan is also provided with insight to religious aspects and other forbidden or secret knowledge. Jason Blood is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, including mastery in swordsmanship. Jason is adept at magic, and is often called upon to act as an advisor or investigator in occultic matters such as in the series Arkham Asylum: Living Hell. He has limited precognition and telepathy. Jason is technically immortal due to his connection to the demon Etrigan.

He has the combined experiences of Etrigan since he was bonded to the demon.

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Jason Blood shares all of Etrigan's weaknesses. In order to transform into Etrigan, Blood must recite the poem from Merlin's crypt though usually he only recites the last two lines :. O form of man! Free the prince forever damned! Free the might from fleshy mire! Boil the blood in the heart for fire!

O form of man And rise the demon Etrigan!! Gone now, O Etrigan And rise again or rise once more the form of man! In the animated film Justice League Dark a different poem is used to return Etrigan to human form:. The poem does not have to be spoken for it to work. For instance, in one adventure, Blood is magically transformed into a fly. Unable to speak, Blood triggers the change by writing out the poem in the dust. Etrigan has all the limitations usually associated with a demon, including a weakness towards holy powers and iron.

Additionally, when Green Arrow once shot a "fire extinguisher arrow" into his mouth, Batman told Etrigan that the only way to stop the pain was to change back to Jason Blood.

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His command of magic is strong, but considered to be less than his father, Belial , and half-brother, Merlin the Magician. He is also helpless against those with magical powers strong enough to control him, such as Morgaine le Fey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fictional character. In Dougall, Alastair ed. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. London, United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley. Comic Book Resources. Archived from the original on August 18, Retrieved January 6, While his "Fourth World" opus was winding down, Jack Kirby was busy conjuring his next creation, which emerged not from the furthest reaches of the galaxy but from the deepest pits of Hell.

Etrigan was hardly the usual Kirby protagonist.

White As Bone. Red As Blood: The Fox Sorceress

Jack Kirby's The Demon. DC Comics. Don Markstein's Toonopedia. Archived from the original on October 31, Comics Alliance. June 7, Archived from the original on January 7, Archived from the original on June 23, Retrieved September 22, A Time of Running By Demons Driven! Hitman Vol. Reign in Hell. September 19, Berlin, Journalist Kurt Severing and art student Marthe Mueller strike up a shaky but intellectually fertile affair. The lives they touch create an encyclopedic cross-section of typical Berliners, a portrait encompassing both workers and beggars, Jews and gentiles, queer life and jazz clubs — and socialists and fascists.

Parallel Lives by Olivier Schrauwen Fantagraphics, pages. Six short visual stories about the fantastical futures to come for the cartoonist and his descendants. There are aliens, there are visitors from the even further future, there are secret messages to decode. Could this be reality? Somnambulance by Fiona Smyth Koyama Press, pages.

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Known for gorgeous and groundbreaking feminist art, this Toronto legend is poised to break big internationally with her career retrospective. It collects three decades worth of joyfully squishy, hypnagogic riot grrl comics and art, drawn like a mashup of Frida Kahlo and Keith Haring.

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Poochytown by Jim Woodring Fantagraphics Books, pages. His wordless comics are best seen rather than written about, as recurring protagonist Frank navigates further into this trippy, psychedelic world that expresses multitudes with opulent black-and-white drawings. Armstrong has always been a particular talent, but Duncan and Yukon are definitely her inspiration. Slick plotting and good characters are hallmarks of this clever series. Is it real or a hallucination?

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Andrew Battershill continues to bring his absurdist flair to crime fiction with the story of Tommy Marlo, a mugger who stumbles upon a heist bigger than he can handle. When a hitman pursues Tommy to Quadra Island near Vancouver, both may have met their match among the locals. Novels of psychological suspense revolve around the search for a truth, something that is often elusive and embedded in power. To Elisabeth de Mariaffi, the first layer of fear in this novel is the lost child.

We can always count on Joy Fielding to turn out a well-dressed, well-developed psychological suspense novel, but her recent work featuring therapist Robin Davis is top-notch.

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The latest is a zippy page-turner with a family secret to be unearthed. This is the kind of tale where Fielding excels and Davis is her best lead yet. Who can resist a character named Thumps Dreadfulwater? One of the best first novels this year. This is a brilliantly conceived narrative with wonderful characters and great depth. Hattie and Penny are small-town sisters. This is a great psychological suspense novel for a weekend or a plane trip. Literary Canada including Margaret Atwood and Timothy Findley, to say nothing of Michael Redhill, have done mysteries before with great success.

So why not the elegant stylist David Adams Richards? This is a marvellously readable saga of a woman who is intrinsically interesting and who moves through a truly memorable life — but there is a mystery in her past that is slowly revealed. Her latest brings back the same characters in a new setting and proves that she is no one-book author. Still Water — where Clare and Malcolm return and are hired to track down a missing mother and son — is even better than her debut. The rising literary star has created an unsettling story about a snowbound northern Anishinaabe community, where a postapocalyptic reality — no power, dwindling food, chaos — slowly creeps its way through the band.

A young man, Evan Whitesky, seeks to restore hope and order to his community by turning to the land — to Anishinaabe tradition. A stellar Indigenous thriller. She finds moments of beauty or maybe it is just truth in such landscapes. The surreal, sometimes fantastical worlds of these stories are so wholly realized, stepping into them is a pleasing form of disorientation. Craig Davidson is back with his first literary fiction since his Giller-nominated, bestselling Cataract City. Davidson returns to magical, seedy, slightly haunted Niagara Falls a.

Cataract City for a story about childhood adventures, the human spirit and the haunting mutability of memory.

The Hellfire Chronicles : Blood in the Skies by G. D. Falksen (2011, Paperback)

A story of a mother and her grown son, who lived a life of luxury in contemporary New York until they went broke. They then set sail for Paris. The Giller-winning, historical, coming-of-age tale of George Washington Black, a boy born into slavery on a plantation in Barbados who goes on to much more in the world. And — without spoiling anything — the end of Washington Black is nothing like anything Washington Black himself could have imagined at its beginning.