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Another stitch that I have been obsessing over lately is the camel stitch, also known as half double crocheting in the third loop. This is the loop that is located right behind the stitch of half double crochets. Doing so pushes the stitch forward and gives a knit-like stockinette appearance.

It adds a nice detail that looks more complicated than it is to make! You can also adorn your hat further if desired. Traditional pom pom, faux fur pom pom, wooden buttons, or maybe even a crochet Popcorn Shamrock — styling this crochet baby hat is completely up to you! Here are just a couple ideas for inspiration:. Newborn month month months. Please share this post on social media, and tag craftywomanshop when showing off your creations! This post may contain affiliate links and advertisements, view my disclosure policy for details.

Step 2: Yarn over YO and insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over YO and pull through the stitch. One HDC stitch completed. To add more rows, you would repeat the instructions for adding your second row until your piece reaches the desired size. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! Like stitch tutorials? Want a pattern that uses this stitch? Check out my Sloth Cup Cozy Pattern.

CROCHET: How to crochet the knit stitch - Bella Coco

Sign up for my Newsletter to be kept in the loop and never miss a thing. The Bobblelicious Bag is a fun crochet circle bag that is made of super chunky bobble stitches. Once it is assembled, it kind of looks like a pillbox bag. I decided to take my hand at lining this bag and I am so glad that I did. It is one of my favourite parts of this bag.

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I picked a cotton fabric in a vibrant teal colour to line my bag. Measurements do not include strap. Join with a sl st to first stitch. Join with a sl st to the first st. Fold the fabric you will be lining your bag with, in half so you can cut two circles at the same time. Lay one of your bag panels on top of the fabric and trace a line around the circle to get an approximate size for your lining. Cut your fabric through both layers on the line you just drew.

You should now have two fabric circles. Repeat these steps again on your interfacing so you have a total of 2 fabric circles and 2 interfacing circles. Using your iron, fuse one of your fabric circles to each of your interfacing circles.

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Place your interfacing circles fabric side facing the wrong side of your panel so that if there are holes in your panel, the coloured fabric will show through on the back of each of your panels. If your circles are too big to fit inside the panel without stretching it, trim the circles down until they fit snuggly inside each panel. You should now have 2 interfacing circles fused with fabric and 2 fabric circles.

Measure the circumference around the outside of your bag and subtract 8 inches from that measurement to leave space for your zipper. Using these measurements, cut a strip from your fabric. Sew around the edge of each circle to seam it to the strip, stopping at the end of the strip.

This is honestly probably the most time-consuming part so take your time. Cut a 9. These pieces will be sewn onto either side of the zipper. Pin that edge to your zipper with nice side of fabric facing up ensuring that you leave enough for the zipper to move freely. Repeat with the second strip.

Sew the strips onto your zipper. With the zipper facing up and the bag lining with the wrong side facing out, line up your zipper with the opening on your lining that was left for the zipper. Place your interfusing panels inside each of your crocheted panels. Place the two crochet panels together with right sides facing out.

Holding two long lengths of yarn together, whip stitch the two panels together, leaving an opening of at least 9.

Camel Stitch Easy Crochet Blanket

Place your lining with the wrong side facing out inside the purse and using a sewing thread and needle, hand sew the zipper to the opening of your bag. Weave in your ends from your whip stitch seam.

Line up your triangle rings on each side of the bag, approximately 2. Using a length of yarn, sew to your bag. Attach your purse strap to the triangle rings. If using a tassel, attach it to the zipper. Like making crochet bags?

FREE Crochet Pattern-Crochet Chic Log Cabin Blanket Pattern Notes

There is something timeless and classic about a good chevron blanket. I have made my Timeless Teal Chevron Blanket so many times this year for baby showers that I could probably crochet one in my sleep.

Pattern instructions

This blanket is honestly a huge hit no matter what colour I made it in. Using Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn, my go-to blanket yarn which is a super bulky, size 6 yarn, this blanket works up in a jiffy. I have made one in two evenings or about 6 to 8 hours. The blanket is so soft and warm, that it is great to lay baby on for tummy time and the size is big enough that it can be used as a lapghan.

The one at our house is used by everyone on an almost daily basis. You only need to know how to chain and single crochet for this blanket so it is super simple. Supplies : 10 mm hook 3 balls of Bernat Blanket Stri p es in the same colour. CH Row 1: SC 2 in the 2 nd chain from the hook. Rows 4 — 6: CH 1 and turn.

SC 2 in the first stitch. Rows 7 — 9: CH 1 and turn. Rows 10 — CH 1 and turn. Like making blankets? Check out the free pattern for my Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket.