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Making it Work at Work: A Guide to Career Development and Fulfillment ( Collection). by Alan Lurie, Kevin Elko, Edward G. Muzio, Deborah J. Fisher, Erv Thomas.
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After a presentation or big meeting, state one thing that you think went well, and then ask for advice on one thing you could improve. Listen to and thank your boss for the feedback. Codify your learnings. You can capture feedback and learning by keeping a journal. Seeking feedback from someone who previously held your job can speed up your learning. Increase your visibility with the C-suite. This is an easy but often overlooked way to rub elbows with senior people who will see you in action and ideally take notice of your contributions. Become an expert in an area of increasing importance to your company.

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Your company may be grappling with a disruption from a new technology such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, or cloud-based computing. Become the expert person in your department on an emerging issue. Conduct research and literature reviews, attend conferences, or write on the topic. Developing expertise in a nascent area of growing importance can lead to promotions and other career opportunities.

Seek good counsel and mentoring. In time, a mentor relationship may develop organically. Strong functional skills take time to develop. Without the willingness to take multiple assignments, or even strategic lateral moves, a well-rounded skill set will be elusive.

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It takes patience. Earlier in my career, I was still at the manager level within PepsiCo while a good friend moved up to vice president by moving to another company. But as my skill set solidified, I understood how the pieces of the business fit together, and my career progression accelerated. Your skill set is ultimately your career capital, so take the time to develop your functional skills. You could also become an orderly. This is a similar job, where your responsibilities include helping move patients around the healthcare facility and cleaning medical equipment.

Medical transcriptionists help physicians and other healthcare employees to create reports and medical documents. They listen to recordings and use technology for voice recognition to get the information they need to create their reports. However, the BLS reports that one in ten medical transcriptionists worked from home in Advances in technology have changed the medical transcription field. To help increase your chance of being hired in this field, the BLS recommends that students go through a formal education program.

Job prospects could be better for people with experience and training in quality assessment and electronic health records EHR. The BLS maintains that transcriptionists with proper education and training are more likely to be hired.

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One year certificate programs are available for medical transcriptionists. There are also associate degrees available in this field. Students can find medical transcriptionist programs at vocational and career training schools, technical schools and community colleges.

There are also online programs available. Medical transcriptionists are sometimes known as healthcare documentation specialists. Since technology has changed the function of the job, you will want to make sure you have the new skills needed.


Electronic health records EHR experience is especially important in the current medical landscape. Medical records and health information technicians help keep health data well-organized, accurate, and updated, so doctors can make sound medical decisions and provide informed care. They typically input data and help keep patient records secure, as well. Medical records and health information technicians often work full-time.

Health information technicians have a positive job outlook, according to the BLS. Since electronic health records are used in across the healthcare industry, this field is expected to be in-demand for years to come. The BLS states that job prospects are best for people who get certified in health information. Certificate programs or an associate degree are usually required to get a job as a health information technician , according to the BLS. Many jobs require official certification before being hired or shortly after getting a job in this field.


Medical records and health information technicians go by many names. Job titles in this field may include clinical documentation specialist , medical records clerk, coder, biller, medical records analyst, and registered health information technician. If you later want to continue your education, you can work toward a career as a director of medical records. A medical assistant does a combination of clinical work and administrative tasks. Their specific job duties depend on the size and specialty of their workplace.

Medical assistants often work full-time with some weekends, holidays and evenings, because patient care is often needed during these times. This means that about half of the workers in this occupation earned more, and half earned less.

Medical assistants are in the midst of a major employment growth. A rising aging population will create a need for more care. Healthcare facilities will need additional medical assistants in order to care for the increase in patients. According to the BLS, most states prefer to hire medical assistants who have completed formal education. There are programs available from vocational schools, technical and career training schools, community colleges, and universities. There are one- and two-year programs available.

Students typically work in the classroom, in laboratories, and in the field under the supervision of healthcare professionals.

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Medical data assistants focus on appointment setting, data entry, and coding for insurance. Clinical assistants help doctors and work with patients. Some medical assistants have a blend of administrative and clinical responsibilities. Medical secretaries may work with doctors or medical scientists. It is often a full-time job. The continued growth of healthcare needs has made medical secretaries very in-demand. As medical facilities receive an influx of aging patients, billing and processing insurance data will be increasingly important.

This will assure that medical secretaries are needed for years to come. These are some common skills that medical secretaries should have, according to the BLS:. According to the BLS, medical secretaries often need formal education to learn the medical terminology and specific skills needed to do their jobs. Medical secretaries can attend vocational or career training schools or community colleges to get the education they need. Medical secretaries who want to advance may consider someday working with healthcare executives.

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Executive secretary positions may lead to higher pay and increased responsibilities. Medical and clinical laboratory technicians work to collect various medical samples.

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Depending on their specific job title, medical laboratory technicians may analyze samples from different parts of the body, like tissue, bodily fluids and more.